Teach Your Baby! 3 Tips to Help Them Learn

By May 12, 2017Bllog

baby care needs There is a misconception going around the parenting world that education and learning doesn’t matter as much during the first few years of your child’s life. In actuality, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, the birth-to-three period is the fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span, so early childhood education and baby stimulation matter very much.

You should spend a lot of time and energy focusing on baby care needs during your child’s first few years of life. By stressing the importance of baby care needs in these early years, you’ll set your children up for the following years as they maneuver through their schooling career. Below are a few ways that you can help teach your infants and give them a chance for a successful future.

Talk to your baby as if you were having a real conversation with each other
It might feel a little strange at first because your baby won’t be able to answer you quite yet, but they will at least pickup how a typical conversation is structured. I the beginning, babies won’t be able to verbally communicate back to you, but by talking to your baby as much as possible, you’ll help them learn the ins and outs of a two-way conversation.

Be as silly as you can with your baby
That goo-goo gaga talk might seem like you’re being unproductive but your infant child will actually respond to those sounds. Babies typically tune in to high-pitched baby talk and can understand those sounds better than normal pitched words and phrases. As the months begin to pass you both by, you can gradually start to transition from the baby talk to using real words along with your baby talk sounds.

Be intentional with your time with your baby
Spend some time each day by turning off electronics and removing any immediate distractions in the area. After you set the environment, let your baby crawl around and explore the different aspects of the room. Doing this will improve infant stimulation and work out their curiosity muscles and you’ll get a better sense of what interests your child.

Make sure you’re having plenty of fun and paying attention to how your baby is learning during his or her first few years of life. If you want to learn more about baby care needs, contact Growing Room Child Development Centers today.