Halloween Fun and Safety!

By October 25, 2017Bllog

Safety is our highest priority at Growing Room. We’ve gone to very thorough lengths to make sure your child is safe at our facilities, so we’d like to give you some tips on staying safe when you and your child are out celebrating Halloween this year!


Be Street Smart!

While it’s not always the most convenient or efficient way of getting to your destination, we strongly recommend using crosswalks whenever they are an option. Avoid busy streets and never assume a driver can see you or your kids.


Put Down the Phone!

Facebook and ears on your kids is a must, which is why unless you’re taking pictures of your adorable trick-or-treaters, stay off the phone.


Be Visible!

Make sure you and glowsticks with you, especially if your costumes aren’t bright.


Dress Smart!

Make sure your child’s costume fits properly and hearing isn’t impaired. If their costume is too big they might trip over it, and masks can reduce their ability to see and hear.


Now it’s time for the fun! This Halloween, Growing Room will once again be having the Fall Festival and Fall Parties! Children can wear their costumes or bring their costumes to change into before the party begins (nothing scary, please). Please provide one bag of approved individually packaged treats, or other age-appropriate toys/trinkets. During the Fall Festival, the children will enjoy fun games and activities. If you’re available to volunteer we would greatly appreciate the help!


We look forward to the festivities and hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!