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Summer Adventures In Tallahassee

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With the weather heating up, we are encouraging you to take your children outside this summer! Whether it be a park, museum, or even the backyard, it is so important to encourage your children to play outside instead of being glued to an electronic device. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best places in Tallahassee to take the kids for some outdoor fun!

Tom Brown Park

One of the most popular known places in Tallahassee, Tom Brown is a 255-acre park located in East Tallahassee. Known for its’ expansivity and diversity in choices, it is an awesome place to take the kids! It is home to numerous baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, and even a BMX bike track!

Tallahassee Museum

The Tallahassee Museum is one of Tallahassee’s most hidden gems. Located on the far west side of Tallahassee, it was created to help teach the Big Bend about the areas’ natural and cultural history. While there you can see an abundance of native animals and even experience what it’s like to fly in their Tree to Tree Zipline Adventures! The museum is fun for all ages!


Cascades Park

Located in the heart of the city, Cascades Park is the newest addition to the parks of Tallahassee. Including twenty-four acres of playgrounds, memorials, and walking paths, its’ genuine beauty and functionality surpasses that of any other park. Cascades’ defining feature is the Capital City Amphitheatre, a massive amphitheatre located in the heart of the park. Over the past few years it has hosted many amazing artists and events.

Mission San Luis

Perhaps the oldest adventure located in Tallahassee, Mission San Luis was originally built in 1633 by Appalachian Natives. After many years of renovation, it is now open to the public to teach citizens about the history of the Tallahassee area. They are open every day except Monday, so it’d be perfect for a weekend adventure!

Wakulla Springs

Although not exactly in Tallahassee, Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park is extremely close to our city and a classic for a hot spring day! It is actually the world’s largest and deepest freshwater spring! On hot summer days, the water is a great way to cool off. You may even want to go on a boat ride offered by the park. On this boat ride, you may see a manatee or alligator – an awesome memory for the kids!

Now that you know of all of these amazing, local, outside adventures, get out there! Make some new memories, stay hydrated, and have a blast!!

Active Learning: What is It & Why Do We Use It?

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At The Growing Room, we love to engage in active learning, a process in which we engage with the children to help them learn the new skills that we are studying. We encourage them to participate during the lesson, as well as work together to help it sink in. Some people would disagree that active learning is what’s best for students at such a young age. However, we are here to tell you why we do what we do.


Whether it be in reading, science, or math, our teachers are always doing their best to ENGAGE the children. We understand that at this age children only have an attention span of a few minutes, so it is crucial to continually keep their mind working to retain what we are learning. By doing this, we create the perfect environment not only to be learning but to apply the information as well.


As kids grow, it becomes prevalent that they want to be their own boss. Active learning allows them to do just that. When teachers let the kids engage in their education, the kids feel like they’re the ones in charge. They are able to use their creative learning skills to enhance their learning to the next level. But most importantly, they are learning that adults will not always be doing things for them.


Above all, we use active learning to teach the kids that it IS possible to have fun while learning. Especially in their younger years, children need to be enjoying what they’re doing. Otherwise, they will protest it at all cost. Our teachers work hard to ensure that the children are loving what they’re doing, as well as what they’re learning.

Summer Chores for Your 3 & 4 year olds

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Summer is here and the kids are home all day, running around inside and out. As parents, we know summers mean a tighter schedule for ourselves to not only keep our kids fed, but also active! A lot of times we have planned things like swim lessons or art camp, but we know most likely the majority of time will be spent at home. This comes with an obvious by-product: big, kid-crafted messes. This is where Summer chores come in and are a good way to start establishing a routine for them as they grow to not only keep their area clean and tidy, but the rest of the house as well!

Parents may think that giving household chores to children can deprive them of too much of their time during the carefree summer. But psychologists argue that when our children are given the chance to help us, they feel like part of the family more. They also learn to be more independent and avoid becoming too overwhelmed by some responsibility.

Some of the basic chores that we can assign children from the ages of 3 to 4 are things like gathering up their toys and putting them back in their appropriate bins. Brushing their teeth, washing their face and combing their hair are a few other great tasks for them to do. Not only are they getting into the routine of personal hygiene, but they are starting to take over a task, that up until then, you have taken responsibility for. Some other great chores for kids of this age are to set the table by placing napkins, plates and silverware on the table for a meal and cleaning their place after the meal is done. This can be extended by having them help put up any item that can be easily put on the shelf as well.

Giving our children chores during the summer not only adds another activity to keep them busy, but allows them to feel more involved with the things that we usually do as parents. This will not only give them a sense of accomplishment, but also helps out with that extra mess from summer days at home.

Halloween Fun and Safety!

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Safety is our highest priority at Growing Room. We’ve gone to very thorough lengths to make sure your child is safe at our facilities, so we’d like to give you some tips on staying safe when you and your child are out celebrating Halloween this year!


Be Street Smart!

While it’s not always the most convenient or efficient way of getting to your destination, we strongly recommend using crosswalks whenever they are an option. Avoid busy streets and never assume a driver can see you or your kids.


Put Down the Phone!

Facebook and ears on your kids is a must, which is why unless you’re taking pictures of your adorable trick-or-treaters, stay off the phone.


Be Visible!

Make sure you and glowsticks with you, especially if your costumes aren’t bright.


Dress Smart!

Make sure your child’s costume fits properly and hearing isn’t impaired. If their costume is too big they might trip over it, and masks can reduce their ability to see and hear.


Now it’s time for the fun! This Halloween, Growing Room will once again be having the Fall Festival and Fall Parties! Children can wear their costumes or bring their costumes to change into before the party begins (nothing scary, please). Please provide one bag of approved individually packaged treats, or other age-appropriate toys/trinkets. During the Fall Festival, the children will enjoy fun games and activities. If you’re available to volunteer we would greatly appreciate the help!


We look forward to the festivities and hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!