A Short Guide to the Many Benefits of Day Care for Children

By January 30, 2017Bllog

babyApproximately 23.4% of children under the age of five are enrolled in some form of child care arrangement, including having a nanny or being in daycare. What many parents don’t know is that enrolling a child in daycare has more benefits than leaving them with a babysitter.

If you’re wondering what some of these benefits might be, here’s a short list of ways in which child care centers can benefit your children.

Fewer Separation Anxiety Issues
Those children who spend the majority of their time with their mothers or a sole caregiver are more likely to experience emotional issues such as general anxiety and separation anxiety. Being exposed to other children and multiple caregivers can help alleviate this experience both in the present and in the future.

A child’s first day of school is always tough, but if your child has been socialized well since the time that they were a baby, then that first day will be easier on both of you. Not only will separation anxiety not pose an issue, but your child will have an easier time adjusting to the classroom and making friends once they feel comfortable in that setting.

Day care centers are held to certain standards by the government, which means that they will be held accountable for anything and everything that happens while your child is at their facility. If you hire a babysitter or a nanny, there’s no real accountability unless you have surveillance set up in your home to ensure that they’re performing their duties properly.

Less Stress as a Parent
Leaving someone alone in your home with your child can be a huge stress factor for you as a parent. Meanwhile, day care facilities will allow you to sit in on their practice with your child so you have complete confidence that they will provide the best child care services available to you.

It’s completely normal to be nervous about leaving your child in anyone’s care besides your own, but don’t cross day care off of your list just for that reason.